Anniversary Of Abrogation

  • August 5, 2020 at 6:00 am
  • Open

Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora ( GKPD ) will be celebrating the week of August 3 to August 9 , 2020 as the anniversary of abrogation of article 370 and 35 A from Jammu and Kashmir and its full integration with India.The objective of this week long celebrations will be to strongly vocalise our narrative on all platforms .This initiative will be diversified to give it a global touch and ownership with participation of political experts , GOI Ministry members and think tank , community leaders , activists and policy makers all around the globe .The schedule for the week is as below:

1. August 3 , Monday – will be planned and executed by GKPD Team New Zealand led by Veer Khar and Suneel Koul.To discuss the importance of the abrogation of article 370.

2. August 4 , Tuesday :GKPD Team UK – Krishna Bhan and Shafalica Bhan to organise a panel discussion on the events leading up to abrogation of article 370.

3. August 5 Wednesday : This is exact date when 370 was abrogated . GKPD Team India – Utpal Koul and Sanjay Ganjoo to conceptualize the theme of article 370 and organize a webinar with key ministers as panelists .

4. August 6, Thursday : GKPD Team Australia – Ash Raina and Rakesh Bhan to coordinate events.

5. August 7, Friday : GKPD Team Canada – Vidhya Bushan Dhar and Ashok Koul to lead the celebratory events.

6. August 8, Saturday am : GKPD Team US – Mohan Sapru and Rabinder Koul to discuss the theme with 4-5 panelists including 1-2 Americans as panelists .

7. August 8 Saturday : Global events maintaining social distancing all over the globe , the way we did on June 14. We will identify hashtag and go all out to make it trend globally .

8. August 8 Pm – GKPD Team USA – Rakesh Kaul and Jeevan Zutshi to invite US politicians and key members to f Indian diaspora to discuss the changes in the geopolitical arena following abrogation of article 370.

9. August 9, Sunday AM : Team India – Utpal J, RK Bhat and Aryan Ramesh to organise a panel discussion with key community members and think tank on the way forward.

9. August 9, Sunday PM – GKPD concluding session More countries to be added to the list in the next few weeks.Community members are requested to fully participate in the events and send suggestions to [email protected]

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